Furthermore, consecutive and last from the ‘Modification’ post, the fourth and final level, although the second level that is acknowledged as ‘transformation’, gives us, ‘Redefinition.’ Redefinition is using ITC to reformulate time-honoured classroom practices with the aim to reconstruct activities through ITC that were once unable to be accomplished.

In examining and further developing the PDHPE example in relation to their ‘Identity‘ essays, substitution was where they used technology to type up their ‘Identity‘ essays, augmentation was applied through students using the text-to-speech function to enhance the writing process. Modification was applied through having students upload their essays to a classroom only online blog. In addition, with having positive criticism collected and incorporated by all involved within a matter of minutes in the aim to advance the nature of writing and etc. Redefinition can be lastly applied through technology in getting the students to reformulate from a written essay to getting students to transfer analytical thinking through using a combination of multimedia tools such as text, image, audio, video and animation.

Furthermore in examining and further developing a previous PDHPE example on dribbling a basketball, redefinition in this example would be the aim of student directing their own learning for instance. Firstly, substitution was the teacher video recording dribbling a basketball (movement skill) for the purpose of the lesson itself, augmentation was building on this with implementing links to content on dribbling a basketball. Modification was adopting and using the lesson ‘flip’, where students watched videos at home in their own time and class time was used for practising and strengthening the skill. Lastly, Redefinition would be employing students to watch video examples on dribbling a basketball, practise these approaches again and then additionally the teacher will record them and provide positive criticism on their performance.

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In conclusion, to reiterate and clarify ‘The SAMR Model’ is letters that stand for: ‘Substitution’, which is the direct substitution to technology (enhancement). ‘Augmentation’ which is similar, with functional improvements in ITC (again, enhancement). ‘Modification’ is restructuring a task with technology at its forefront (transformation) and lastly, ‘Redefinition’ (again, transformation) is utilising ITC as it forefront, but additionally constructing an activity that could once never be accomplished.

Below link is embedded in Lesson Plan

Walsh, K., 2021. 8 Examples of Transforming Lessons Through the SAMR Cycle | Emerging Education Technologies.

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